Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sat Nights Dinner Desert

I cant publish our dinner yet but heres what we had after dinner.
Its our favorite desert of all time
Cheesecake Factory. If you have never
tried this you really must. I know they sell it by the slice there or this small cake can be yours to bring home for around $25.

Andy and I had it tonight and will have it one or two more night this week. The other 1/2 was put in the freezer for Oct. We will have our 5 yr anniversary then and probably enjoy it one night that week while we are celebrating!

One Godiva Cheese cake
One Large Knife
2 plates
2 forks
And you have desert for 2 in no time!!!


  1. testing to see if posting is working for me...its not for others

  2. Hi

    I will try again to see if I can post. CONGRATS on this new format and I look forward to seeing it progress healthily!! Success, Wendy

  3. Healthy....u did see my Godiva Cheesecake right...LOL

    Good to see you Wendy. How are u doing at the eating healthy? I am doing better. Eating lots of fresh veggies now that all the tomatoes and veggies are coming in.

  4. The cheesecake looks amazing.

  5. omg! the cheesecake that gave you away! hahaha...thats so funny how I finally connected who you were between bakespace and facebook! :)