Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sat Nights Dinner Desert

I cant publish our dinner yet but heres what we had after dinner.
Its our favorite desert of all time
Cheesecake Factory. If you have never
tried this you really must. I know they sell it by the slice there or this small cake can be yours to bring home for around $25.

Andy and I had it tonight and will have it one or two more night this week. The other 1/2 was put in the freezer for Oct. We will have our 5 yr anniversary then and probably enjoy it one night that week while we are celebrating!

One Godiva Cheese cake
One Large Knife
2 plates
2 forks
And you have desert for 2 in no time!!!


I got these on Ebay over the last month. Just thought I would share. I go to and Italian Market in Richmond and they make several things out of the Bon Appetit books and that is where I first saw them. I went to the bookstore at the mall to get them and when I saw the price...I decided to check out ebay!
Then my moms basemet flooded and she lost her Betty Crocker cookbook. I was looking for the one she had to replace the one she lost when I came across the reproduction of the one my Aunt Jean uses so I got a copy for me. Still looking for like my moms thats in good condition and that they dont want 100.00 for.

I went to a used book store here in town...about the only thing this small town has...we dont even have a McDonalds.

Well the owner and I were talking and she has a friend that is a cookbook editor. How lucky could I get. Well she cant possibly keep all the books she looks at so several of them make their way to the store.
I didnt get any of the new ones today(I did get the 8 used ones in the second pic) but I will be coming back more freq. now that I know this. She also orders books for people and there were 2 new ones there for someone by Giada De Laurentis (food network) and she did let me look thru them as well. Here is what I got today.
Just wondering if anyone else loves reading cookbooks as much as I do...well besides my Aunt Sheryle..thats a no brainer!

Quick Lunch Sat

Started out with Crescents, baked ham and some Mozzarella cheese slices cut.

Layered the baked ham and cheese onto the crescents.

Rolled them up and placed onto a baking sheet.

Final step was a side dish. I made a cucumber and tomato salad. I cubed up one cucumber, 1/2 of a red and yellow tomato and then added just a few red, yellow and green peppers I had left over from another dish yesterday.

Fast and Easy and the best part was we both enjoyed it.

Now im off to the bookstore to look at cookbooks....what else!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

BL - the T at 3:30 this morning

This is the finished BLT's

...the pics ended up in the reverse order! Hopefully I will get better at this!!!

Toasted the Roman Meal bread and spread with Helman's
added tomato's and bacon

First pan of bacon is done cooking, and on paper towels to absorb all the greese. The second 1/2 is in the pan frying away. Tomato's are sliced and ready to go...something is missing

we didnt have any lettuce

These are the fresh home grown heirloom tomato's grow just off the kitchen on our soon to be deck.

The beginning...cut the lb of bacon in half and started the first half frying
I always cut it when making sandwiches. It fits the bread better this way. I dont cut it when Im making bacon for other things.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I took a trip to Indy today and I made sure the first store we hit was Penzeys. So many of you have given me recipes from their store and shared with me that you love their spices. Well the last time I really replenished my spices was when I bought my first house in Richmond 13 yrs ago. Well I am going to throw all my spices away and enjoy my new ones. Im just saving the spice rack ...New house, new kitchen and now new spices. Now if I could just get a new stove.

Heres what I got:
Herb Gift kit: 1.2 oz jars
French Thyme
Herbes de Provence
Turkish Oregano
Pasta Sprinkle
Spain Cracked Rosemary
Albanian Rubbed Sage
French Tarragon
*Cinnamon sticks
*Bay Leaves

Loose Jars I purchased:

Chives Freeze Dried
Paprika Hungarian
Crushed Red Peppers
Cayenne Pepper ground
French Four Spice
BBQ 3000
Currry powder Sweet
Chili 3000
Cinnamon China ground
Chili Ancho ground
Basil French Sweet
Italian Herb mix
Chipotle Peppers ground

Cocoa Lovers Kit:
Natural high fat Cocoa 2.1
Hot chocolate mix 3.8
Hot chocolate mix with mint 3.8
Chinese Cassia Cinnamon 1.7 oz
*This kit also came with the loose bay leaves,
nutmeg and cinnamon sticks

Now I just need to date all the bottles and find them a nice home in my kitchen. I took pics so I'll post them as well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Setting up this blog to begin my coast to coast bake/cook offs with my friends on Bakespace. This is just my first attempt at using this thing that I started sometime ago. Looks like Im ready to begin as soon as the next cookoff begins