Sunday, August 30, 2009


I got these on Ebay over the last month. Just thought I would share. I go to and Italian Market in Richmond and they make several things out of the Bon Appetit books and that is where I first saw them. I went to the bookstore at the mall to get them and when I saw the price...I decided to check out ebay!
Then my moms basemet flooded and she lost her Betty Crocker cookbook. I was looking for the one she had to replace the one she lost when I came across the reproduction of the one my Aunt Jean uses so I got a copy for me. Still looking for like my moms thats in good condition and that they dont want 100.00 for.

I went to a used book store here in town...about the only thing this small town has...we dont even have a McDonalds.

Well the owner and I were talking and she has a friend that is a cookbook editor. How lucky could I get. Well she cant possibly keep all the books she looks at so several of them make their way to the store.
I didnt get any of the new ones today(I did get the 8 used ones in the second pic) but I will be coming back more freq. now that I know this. She also orders books for people and there were 2 new ones there for someone by Giada De Laurentis (food network) and she did let me look thru them as well. Here is what I got today.
Just wondering if anyone else loves reading cookbooks as much as I do...well besides my Aunt Sheryle..thats a no brainer!


  1. I have to really keep myself in check when it comes to cookbooks! I want them ALL! LOL It looks like you got some good ones.

  2. One day while at Jean's, I saw her using her old copy of that Betty Crocker cookbook (I think she got it when she was married to Dane), it looked so bad that the first year they came out with the reproduction, I bought one for her and me.

    I think I have that Indiana cookbook and know I have the Ohio one. Aren't those the ones they sell on QVC all the time?

  3. Sheryle, I dont know if QVC has them or not. I got mine at the used bookstore in Knightstown. All the ones in the second picture came from there last week. I thought the Julia Childs one was a find. Ive been watching her original one on Ebay going for 2-300.00. How insane is that. I think I'll just buy the reprint out for 20.00

    Did u check out the Taste of Home Cookbook with CD I was telling you about yesterday?