Friday, August 28, 2009


I took a trip to Indy today and I made sure the first store we hit was Penzeys. So many of you have given me recipes from their store and shared with me that you love their spices. Well the last time I really replenished my spices was when I bought my first house in Richmond 13 yrs ago. Well I am going to throw all my spices away and enjoy my new ones. Im just saving the spice rack ...New house, new kitchen and now new spices. Now if I could just get a new stove.

Heres what I got:
Herb Gift kit: 1.2 oz jars
French Thyme
Herbes de Provence
Turkish Oregano
Pasta Sprinkle
Spain Cracked Rosemary
Albanian Rubbed Sage
French Tarragon
*Cinnamon sticks
*Bay Leaves

Loose Jars I purchased:

Chives Freeze Dried
Paprika Hungarian
Crushed Red Peppers
Cayenne Pepper ground
French Four Spice
BBQ 3000
Currry powder Sweet
Chili 3000
Cinnamon China ground
Chili Ancho ground
Basil French Sweet
Italian Herb mix
Chipotle Peppers ground

Cocoa Lovers Kit:
Natural high fat Cocoa 2.1
Hot chocolate mix 3.8
Hot chocolate mix with mint 3.8
Chinese Cassia Cinnamon 1.7 oz
*This kit also came with the loose bay leaves,
nutmeg and cinnamon sticks

Now I just need to date all the bottles and find them a nice home in my kitchen. I took pics so I'll post them as well.


  1. did you spend like a gazillion bucks or what? LOL wow....seriously a paradise, huh? like a kid in a candy shop! now I expect some serious blogs goin on here :)

  2. Danielle I didnt think it was really to bad for all I got...It was about $85. I'll let u know an exact amt later...I'll look for that receipt.

  3. Holy crap woman! You spent a fortune there!!

    I only buy the small bottles.... except for Italian Herbs, Cumin, Curry & Celery Salt... I use TONS of that stuff and buy it by the bag!

  4. I am soooo jealous. I still haven't gone in that store. I'm afraid of what I would spend.

  5. Huh...why won't this let me comment with my google account? Oh there we go! What I just said. LOL

  6. Cathy...Sheryle couldnt get it to post earlier too. She had to send it on facebook.

    It was the first time I had ever been to one. I actually only heard of it about 2 weeks ago..but I really enjoyed myself there and will be back. I noticed today that I didnt get any dried mustard. I dont remember seeing it. Im sure I'll think of a few more things I like to use before I go up there again. Its about an hr drive for me so I wont be going anytime real soon.

  7. You'll find a few different dried mustards! =)

  8. GREAT PICTURES you can almost smell the food

    warmest regards

  9. I'm going to be in Columbus this weekend and will probably need to go. If you want something, and it isn't going to cost $80, let me know and I'll pick it up for you.

  10. Look at me....I'm finally able to post a comment...woo hoo! I've only been trying all weekend.

  11. Im so glad that u are able to post...of all the ppl not to...I need my aunt on here.

    I'll check out the kitchen and I'll let u know my list. I know I'll need a jar of Garlic powder...and a few others. The rest can be the tiny jars(mustard + ? ).