Saturday, August 29, 2009

BL - the T at 3:30 this morning

This is the finished BLT's

...the pics ended up in the reverse order! Hopefully I will get better at this!!!

Toasted the Roman Meal bread and spread with Helman's
added tomato's and bacon

First pan of bacon is done cooking, and on paper towels to absorb all the greese. The second 1/2 is in the pan frying away. Tomato's are sliced and ready to go...something is missing

we didnt have any lettuce

These are the fresh home grown heirloom tomato's grow just off the kitchen on our soon to be deck.

The beginning...cut the lb of bacon in half and started the first half frying
I always cut it when making sandwiches. It fits the bread better this way. I dont cut it when Im making bacon for other things.


  1. You'll get the hang of it!

    I cut my bacon when I'm making BLTs too!

    Those look great!!

    There might be some on the menu at our house this weekend too!